Get a Free Chatroulette Clone Script For Your Website

Make your website more interesting to users by placing a free chatroulette on your site. By displaying a chatroulette on your site visitors will tend to spend a longer amount of time using your website and will return more often. You will also attract new users. The best part is you can have your own chatroulette app without all the expensive server & bandwidth charges and you can also display banner ads next to it and make 100% profits.

to get your chatroulette now copy-paste the code below:

*SITE OWNERS PLEASE READ: Someone is sending out FAKE emails pretending to be CamChatty to website owners telling them to take down our links or we will pursue legal actions. These are completely FAKE emails that were not sent from us but by our competitors to try to remove our backlinks, we would never send such an email to any website owner linking to us. Please send us all the information you can regarding these emails so we can stop this person immediately. We appreciate you linking to us. Thank you.

A Copy of the FAKE email being used can be seen: HERE

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